This is a slight build off my last post on false memory, so I focus on Munsterberg’s involvement in forensic psychology/eyewitness testimony, although there are lots of different things I could talk about that Munsterberg studied!

Hugo Munsterberg was a doctoral student of Wilhelm Wundt’s and later a professor at Harvard. He is well known for his work in an applied/practical psychology (unlike his mentor Wundt who was an advocate as psychology as a ‘pure’ science). Included in his interests were industry (efficiency and vocational placement), law, clinical and teaching psychology. Specifically, he was one of the first psychologists to investigate the accuracy of memories, specifically when it came to eyewitness testimonies and false confessions. He published his book On the Witness Stand in 1908, but many of his opinions, including questioning the  decision-making processes of jurors, were criticized and his expertise in these areas questioned.

On the Witness Stand available here:

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