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100ish things every cognitive psychologist should know. For Georgia State University CGS faculty and students. These are the facts, phenomena, people, theories, and definitions that people interested in cognition would be embarrassed not to know.

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Two teams of faculty and students will alternate (IDEA, then COMIC, then IDEA...) suggesting short (think tweet-length, but not more than 75 words or so) "things" that every cognitive psychologist should know. When the list is 'complete' we will have cognitive psychologists outside these teams score the responses and award points. NOTE: Your "thing" may contain several important facts (e.g., the phenomenon, the researcher, the year); however, if your entry is too long, you probably need to split it into multiple "things." The opportunity to submit things should alternate between members of a team (e.g., Washburn from IDEA, then someone from COMIC, then Whitham from IDEA, then someone else from COMIC, then Bond...). No collusion within or between teams: each person should submit the cognitive 'thing' that she or he thinks is important.

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